Rape Has Never Looked So Cool! Thanks, Daniel Tosh!

We always hear about comedians throwing homophobic and racial jokes around. Granted, they were probably drunk, but it happens anyway. The next day, the media is all over the comedian’s ass about how rude and disrespectful the comedian was. The comedian releases a statement the next day and all is well in their eyes. You would think that the media would react the same way when Daniel Tosh started laughing at a woman potentially getting gang raped. Nope.

On Friday night at the Laugh Factory, comedian Daniel Tosh started making rape jokes. A woman in the audience felt her blood boiling and yelled, “Rape jokes are never funny!” Tosh looked at her in silence and then said to the audience, “Wouldn’t it be funny if that that girl [referring to the woman in the audience] got raped by, like, five guys right now? Like right now?” What, Daniel Tosh? What? The woman was so distraught that she got up and walked out of the room.

All the douche bags of the world unite! Some of Tosh’s fans are standing behind him, including the world’s biggest unfunny douche Dane Cook! Wahoo! Way to support the rape of women, guys!

Some people are claiming that you can make a joke out of anything because it makes the situation a little lighter. Granted, I agree that some things can be made a joke, but rape? No. Every two minutes, a woman is sexually assaulted. So, rape is a very real thing and happens to more women than we’d like to think. You think that is an appropriate “joke” to make?

To this I say, how is this even a joke, Tosh? It wasn’t a joke, it was an invitation. You made that woman a target for rape. You told your audience members that it would be funny if your fan, who paid good money to see you, were gang raped. You would think you would have a little bit more respect for women, let alone your fans.

The best part of this entire thing is that Tosh claims that he was “heckled” by the woman. Back up the train, unfunny man. You think that woman heckled you for calling you out on a clearly inappropriate joke? Gosh, I guess I should apologize on her behalf for being so insensitive and disrespectful to you during your show.

Not that I ever thought you were funny before, Tosh, now I just think you’re the biggest asshole on the planet.

And that’s exactly what I mean.

NINJA EDIT: I’ve been told that the woman who told of Tosh didn’t pay for the ticket and she had no idea who Tosh was. Ok, fine. He still said what he said and that doesn’t change my opinion on rape jokes or those who tell them.

8 thoughts on “Rape Has Never Looked So Cool! Thanks, Daniel Tosh!

      • wait pick up artists are a real thing? i thought that was just some shitty wil smith movie.

        recommended books? PUA podcasts?

        “You too can have that transformation from sleeping alone every night,to banging hot women on a regular basis!”

        give me a break dude.

        what kind of misogynist asshole can delude himself into thinking “picking up women” is some kind of skill to be honed? that’s just sociopathy.


    • I thought pickup artistry was actually a joke – I had no idea it’s a real crackpot theory that people apparently follow. I’m a fucking computer scientist; I love methodology, but interpersonal relationships are no place to apply such things. Dafuq is “frame control” dude? Women aren’t TCP sockets. If you have to work that hard at it, it’s because you’re just a misogynist asshole. No wonder you have to go through such a contrived process to get women to sleep with you. You’re apparently such a vapid person that you can’t establish meaningful relationships with anyone. I’ve encountered more humane chatbots on the Internet. Sociopath.


  1. You’re right, that wasn’t a joke, he just said it would be funny if she was gang-raped. That’s stating a (very disturbed) opnion, it’s not a joke and it has no set-up, no punchline. It’s like saying, ‘wouldn’t it be funny if she was murdered by five men right now? Like, right now?” I don’t see the joke. And he didn’t know she wasn’t a fan.


    • You’re totally right! No set-up, no punchline, just some cruel words that he clearly didn’t even think about before he spat them out of his mouth. You think that he would have thought for a second, “Wait! She’s in the audience, so I guess she’s my fan. Let’s not offend her!” D:


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