Is It Me or Is It the Guy Next to Me?

This is part of a series that I like to call, “#gymproblems”. The hashtag should be included because, well, reasons. You know when you finally hop on the elliptical or treadmill of your choice and you’re jammin’ along to the latest Ariana Grande song (which I may or may not have done more than a […]

The Binge to End All Binges

The thing about weight loss is that we fall off the horse and we get right back up. Well, sometimes we get right back up. Sometimes we need a swift kick in the behind to finally climb back up on the horse and ride off into the sunset. John Wayne style. I’m a big enough […]

Running Through Adversity

I was never much of a runner. If you go through my older blog posts you’ll see the continuous struggle that I’ve had with running. Either I run as slow as a sloth (or slower) or I just can’t get into the “mindset” of running. Running has always been my quasi nemesis. I ran cross […]

I Was the Weight Loss Success Story

I am allowing myself to be completely vulnerable here. This post is about my struggles. I had started to lose weight in January of 2013. Going to the gym, watching what I eat, but not counting my calories. I went to Japan and when I came back I was in full swing once again. Hitting […]

People Are Amazing AND a New Progress Shot

Let me start off by saying that people constantly amaze me. This entire journey has just been me doin’ me. I am always incredibly humbled and grateful when people tell me that I’m an inspiration or I got them started on their fitness expedition. I sincerely can’t even believe it. Yesterday at work a woman […]

But Why Are We Doing FOUR Reps?

Sometimes you don’t want to screw around with something great. Unfortunately, fitness isn’t like that. You have to constantly push yourself in order to keep losin’ weight and gaining muscle. With Matt leaving the gym in the upcoming weeks, we have a new trainer taking his place. The trainer, Will, has been shadowing Matt for […]

Why Bother Having Legs?

No, but seriously? Because all I ever do is slaughter them at the gym thus making them completely useless for the next few days. Sigh. Yesterday, Paula and I had a killer leg day workout with Little Matt. Total slaughter-fest. My legs feel totally tired and worthless right now. Lotsa front barbell squats. Leg presses. […]

Matt Shows Us No Mercy

The best thing about having a trainer is that they push you to be your best. They always want that final rep out of you. When you think you can’t do it, they know you can. The worst thing about having a trainer is that they make you want to cry a thousand tears because […]


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