What is Meditation? A Simple Definition.

Meditation is no longer some unattainable new-age hippy nonsense that people do while chanting freakishly weird sounds. Nah, nah, nah. Meditation has been going through a sort of resurgence throughout the past few years. Perhaps that’s due to the countless scientific studies conducted on how meditation can actually change the brain.  When I was losing […]

Woof Woof: Don’t Treat Food as a Reward

You absolutely crushed your physics exam? Let’s get some ice cream! Your softball team won the championship? Let’s get some 1/2 priced apps! You got a phenomenal performance review at work? Let’s get a cocktail (or seven)! Last time I checked, I’m not a dog. I don’t have a tail to wag. I don’t bark whenever […]

Back On Track: Rediscovering Mindful Eating

We get it. You fell off the wagon and you’re crawling in the dirt trying to catch up with the horse. It’s hard, man. You’re dirty and you desperately need a shower. I’m currently in the shower getting rid of all the muck and dirt from behind my ears, but I’m determined to get on […]

The Evolution of Self-Esteem

There’s no doubt that people will tear another person to shreds if it means that they get what they want. Women are put up against one another in some sick match to see who is more beautiful, sexy, or feminine. We see our co-workers as rivals and we need to climb the ladder faster than […]

I’m faster and stronger than you, ED

It’s been a year since I found myself in the depths of a raging eating disorder. It almost pains me to glance through my old TimeHop updates and read ridiculous tweets about how I was only going to be eating greek yogurt for the day and how I needed to burn 1,000+ calories only to […]


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