Remembering Your Past to Push Towards the Future

I’m not very proud of my past when it comes to eating. I used to hide food, sneak food, and binge on food when no one was looking. I was ashamed that people would look at me, this almost 300 pound girl, and judge me for eating what I wanted to eat. As I always […]

Weight Loss is NOT an Invitation for Harassment

I’m 95 pounds lighter than I was almost 2 years ago. I am 105 pounds lighter than I was almost 3 years ago. Back when I was 287 pounds, it was nice that men hit on me. It was occasional. It was rare. It was still nice. Not to much today. I joined MyFitnessPal as a way […]

To Quarter Life Crisis or Not To Quarter Life Crisis

I’ve been touting for a few days now that my “Quarter Life Crisis” was imminent. When that big 2-5 hits it’s like a nice punch to the gut. “What have I done with my life?” “Why am I still living with my parents?” “Why am I not in a committed relationship?” and “Why do I […]

Let Your Victories Be YOUR Victories

Do you ever feel like someone is trying to “one-up” you? Someone is trying to steal that sunshine away from you? Someone is attempting to put you down while somehow lifting themselves up? We’ve all been there and we’ve all been surrounded by those people. Is this negative energy? Is this some form of toxicity we […]

When Does Body Positivity Shift Into Glorifying Obesity?

I was overweight my entire life. I was thrown on diets, saw doctors and nutritionists at the tender age of 9. It was like I was told that there was something inherently wrong with me and something needed to be fixed. That is a feeling that no child should need to face. My parents would […]

Wait! That’s my face!

We’re inundated with messages from the media trying to sell us the latest fitness trends. We constantly see: “Buy this and never diet again!” “Why workout when you can eat THIS!” “Dr. Oz says this is the miracle pill! See why!” Doesn’t it just get overwhelming? Whatever happened to just good ol’ diet and exercise? […]


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