Chris Christie is the Devil

I was browsing the Internet this morning and this interesting video popped up on my feed. Another Chris Christie post! Strap yourself in!

I wouldn’t want to be the person at the end of that finger.

On Friday, he was at a press conference where he was supposed to be talking about a water main break that occurred in Monmouth County the day prior. Although a local issue, a reporter decided to ask a question regarding a meeting that Christie was having on Monday (yesterday) about lowering taxes for the middle class.

When Christie was asked this clearly innocent question, he asked the reporter, “Are you stupid?” and demanded they stay on topic. When no more questions were being asked, Christie then was a gentleman and apologized to the rest of the crowd for “the idiot in the back.”

Let’s give a slow clap to governor of the decade: Christopher Christie! Wahoo!

Here’s the video so you can enjoy it in all it’s glory.