Chris Christie is the Devil

I was browsing the Internet this morning and this interesting video popped up on my feed. Another Chris Christie post! Strap yourself in! On Friday, he was at a press conference where he was supposed to be talking about a water main break that occurred in Monmouth County the day prior. Although a local issue, […]

Don’t Live in Mississippi If You Want an Abortion

Did you know that there is only one abortion clinic in the state of Mississippi? Did you know that the government is trying to shut down that lonely abortion clinic? As of right now, there is a state law that “that would require a clinic’s abortion providers to be certified OB/GYN practitioners and for those […]

Chris Christie Makes Me Want to Punch a Baby

Living in New Jersey has its perks: I have the shore about 20 minutes away, I can hop on the train and be in NYC in an hour, and I am constantly being asked if I fist pump like Snookie (which is true, but only on Tuesdays). New Jersey also has it’s downfalls: Newark is […]


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